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Castello Di Amorosa, Calistoga
For those of you who keep up with La Créature Chic, I feel awful for not posting in weeks! Let's just say the past few weeks made for a tone of posts to come. I recently took a break from my summer job as secretary at the small family owned exterior design company and headed up for the wine country to visit my mother's neck of the woods (she doesn't reside there, but the majority of her event planning/ catering gigs are at Quintessa vineyards, her employer.) It's always exciting to come back once in a while and see one of the places a lot of my childhood was spent coming with her to work and riding the company's bikes up and down the vineyards while watching her work the sometimes artistic, even glamourous (or so I thought as a child) job that has influenced me in my thinking process and overall view of a lot of things.

Of course I didn't head up to Napa County by myself, my family who had recently flown in from New Jersey decided to go on a major sightseeing expedition. The highlight of the day was our visit to Castello Di Amorosa, a replica of an Italian midieval style castle that serves as one of the most famous wineries in the area just north of St. Helena. The castle itself is breathtaking! You would expect any replica of a castle to feel a little disneyland-ish, but this one didn't give off that feeling. The most interesting part were the underground tasting rooms full of welcoming and ultra friendly italian hosts ready to serve you whatever you desired. Of course I couldn't really join in on the fun, looks are deceiving.

Below are pictures of the wonderful castle and the underground tasting rooms which I though were just fantastic.

The lovely courtyard 
GORGEOUS room inside the castle. I am dying to shoot a fashion story in this room
I've always been attracted to religious buildings 

You can taste different foods and kinds of olive oils as well

Underground tasting bars
Shopping underground as well

Comment below with thoughts on the castle, keep checking in for more travel type posts!

Jorge G. Alvarez 

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