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Summer Purchases: Christian Dior

By the way, how GORGEOUS are the colors in this ad? In love with the shoes and bags!
It's not often that I like to have variables of necessary accessories like a wallet or a bag, although I've always wanted to be the type of person to carry a different bag everyday. I find it really hard with my early morning schedule and work space to change bags daily since I always like to carefully and neatly store and clean bags and accessories before/after every time I use them.  Wardrobe O.C.D much? Yikes!

Recently, I ventured out to find a new small wallet or decent sized card case. My last everyday Chanel mini zip wallet grew to be quite unpractical and small considering I missed quite a lot of metro trains and kept the lady who was already late to work waiting behind me at the coffee shop because I had to patiently get my card out of the wallet...oops. In addition to the unpracticality of it, I felt like I had grown out of my Chanel addiction phase that I imagine every girl and boy who was ever interested in the industry went through at least once in their lifetime. Don't get me wrong, the wallet is still the epitome of understated class and sophistication, but just not exactly me. 

When I finally decided to part ways with my beautiful, long time patent leather companion, of course I had to go running to me newest and now long time addiction, Christian Dior. When I first got started with Dior, I used to think and quite fear the, "What if i grow out of Dior too? It can't be, I love it so much!" Well, turns out I still love it as much as I did a long time ago. Raf Simons has not failed to enamor me since his first collection for the house.

My search first started with me going to my nearest Dior boutique, being the one inside of Bloomingdales San Francisco and occasionally looking around for about a month. I decided that if i kept "just looking", I'd first just annoy the hell out of the Dior sales associates and second, never find exactly what I'm looking for since a lot of their gems are stored nicely within drawers that they will kindly open for you upon request. It was a while before I finally decided to email who is now my go to Dior girl, Lani! I started by going on their website and emailing her pics and reference numbers while she did an impeccable job at finding all of my favorites and seeing to have them delivered to the boutique so that I could pick and choose when i dropped in.

First, I opted for the a classic black patent "Lady Dior" card case with 3 card slots and a mini compartment to store a couple of folded bills. Being the total perfectionist I am, I wanted to make sure there wan't anything prettier Dior had to offer to I went to their website again. Thie time couldn't of been worse since seasons were changing from summer to pre-fall and there was options from both collections as well as the permanent one meaning triple the work! I found a "Diorissimo" diagonal flap card case in a tricolor lambskin, but I only wanted it if it came in black. Unfortunately, it didn't. She did however find the wallet version in black, but again it had a bright magenta interior which was, sorry to say, kind of the deal breaker for that one.

Like all amazing sales associates, she took the freedom of mailing me an option she thought I might like, and may the Dior gods bless her for that one! She sent a picture of a gorgeous yellow calfskin wallet version of the diagonal flap card case next to my original choice. It was that same feeling I feel whenever I see a Dior show on the computer, the feeling that I just had to have it.

L: Lady Dior Patent Lambskin Card Case, R: Diorissimo Mini Flap Wallet
Which one would you take home?!

The greatest part of my experience with Lani was her being so patient and kind to keep the several options on hold for a little more than two weeks until I returned from my vacation. Personally, I felt like I owed her big time for her outstanding willingness to do so much for someone who was only coming to drop a couple hundred on the counter as opposed to the regular couple thousand they get on the daily.

Continuing, today I FINALLY came in for my appointment with Lani to look at the pieces. As soon as she brought them out I already knew that ultimately it was the black patent lambskin that would end up coming home with me-it did. It was much bigger in person which was a huge plus and the silver "DIOR" charms just added a little extra "something" I can't really describe. Below are pictures of the lovely packaging and different shots of the case itself.

In love with their bags, thanks Lani! 

Dior's Signature "Cannage" Quilting on the back side. 

The case itself, as described previously is in black patent lambskin. The model is part of the "Lady Dior" line of leather goods (my personal favorite line is the Diorissimo line.) It has a "slot" insert design  which gives it it's sleek and slim shape, taking up no space in my satchel bag. It also contains a cash slot / extra space in the back for those of you who need a little extra room for your spare bills, coins, or cards. In total the case has three inserts.
Front of Card Case.

My favorite part about this case is actually the CHARMS! I can not describe how gorgeous the "DIOR" charms make this simple little piece look. The case is available with both silver or gold charms/hardware.
Detachable "DIOR" charms in silver
P.S : I have also added pictures and descriptions of my other purchases from Dior and other retailers over the summer with brief descriptions. Enjoy!

Dior Homme Denim , size 28
i recently also picked up a pair of Dior Homme denim at a separate online retailer from Italy. The denim fabric feels very sturdy and is not uncomfortable at all. My only comment on Dior Homme jeans, as well as many other designer jeans, is the sizing. Pants sizing can be the weirdest thing at designer boutiques. Usually in any ordinary pair of jeans (e.g Zara, H&M, American Apparel) I am a 28w  or a 26 when they run big. In designer jeans, I am almost never a 26 and can range anywhere from a 28-30. Also I will most likely have to go to the Dior Homme boutique and get them altered, being that the length of them is just way too long for my 5'8 body . Below are some close ups.
Dior Homme's signature "Scar" on the back pockets

Front button zip closure

I also picked up a pair of coated denim pants from Acne Studios at Barneys New York, score! These are probably the most comfortable pair of denim , other than my American Apparel easy jeans and slim slacks of course. The coating on the denim gives it a "leather look" which can take a basic "errand running"outfit up a notch. These I purchased in a size 30 , because they did not have a 28 and I figured if it was only 1-2 sizes up from my regular size, I could use a belt as long as I got the fit I wanted throughout the legs.

Acne Studios Pants
Acne Studios denim pants, front closure and pockets 
Next I opted for a sweater. I don't usually go for the type of sweater I purchased, but something in me told me that I needed something nicer and a little more "put together" to layer under my casual jackets when on the run everyday and not dressing up. I was immediately attracted to the patchwork and just the fabric! The fabric is some sort of knit that I could only describe as a "modern knit"... is that a term? Anyways, this Theory sweater was purchased at Barneys as well.

Theory Sweater, Barneys New York
Closeup of patchwork on the sweater.

Lastly, I purchased this leather bag from Zara. I needed a everyday bag for school that I wouldn't have to be super careful with, because I tend to be OCD with items that are delicate like bags. It fit my overall standards of a bag from a stores like Zara and H&M, so I went for it. Plus, it has plenty of room for the millions of un necessary items and toiletries I like to carry with me to school.

Zara Men's Bag

I hope this post gave you guys more insight on what i think about when shopping as well as my personal style! Comment down below with any questions/ comments on any of the items above and keep checkin in on La Créature Chic for another upcoming beauty and non beauty haul, as well as my first OOTD post.

Jorge G. Alvarez

Dior San Francisco, Bloomingdales : (415)-856-5458 ( Ask for Lani!)
Dior Homme San Francisco : (415)-391-1363 (Jason is a charming man)
 Barneys New York, San Francisco : (415)-268-3500 
Zara San Francisco, Post St. : (415)-399-6930

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