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5 Surprising Wearable Backstage Beauty Trends Women Fear, Not Anymore!

I decided to put the Graphic Liner trend to the test, perfect for the brave enough rock this look on a day out.
In this Picture: Denim Button Up, American Apparel. Linen Blazer,
Between several years of helping out backstage during runway shows, theatre productions, and concerts, I don't know which category has had the majority of models and performers fulminate about how they wish they could wear the makeup they wear on stage out on a daily basis without getting "the look." I decided to talk everyday women as I get them ready to see which backstage trends they fear most.

Backstage at Bottega Veneta Autumn -Winter 2012
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Really?! Yes. It's almost painful to see such an amazing beauty look top the most feared and most wearable list! When adult women get asked about a dark lip they'll most likely associate it with the term "goth" or another subculture some personally wouldn't feel they exactly identify with. Overcome your fear of this trend by slowly easing into the dark purple with deep berry and wine shades.This trend is one you can't say no to until you've tried it. (I doubt you'll ever want to stop wearing it after!)

Backstage at Christian Dior Spring 2014
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There are two excuses that women have used to avoid this trend right off the top of my head. One being, "Sexy, fresh out of the sea beauty on the runway. Greasy dirty mess on the street." The second one being "I'll look like a pubescent androgynous teen." Both of these can be avoided with correct styling and flattering makeup. First off, if you're going for this hair look and want to make sure you're keeping it on the safe side, don't go all out with eyeshadow and lipstick. A good rule to follow,unless you feel comfortable with strong makeup and hair, is to pick 1 focus point on the face for the makeup. You can further explore your masculine side by pairing with a nice suit to the office, or be daringly sexy in a gown for the evening.

Backstage at Jil Sander Fall - Winter 2014 RTWPhotograph Courtesy of:

   Women often worry about having too much makeup on. Some worry about having too little on! Having helped with hair and makeup often backstage for different shows, I've gotten almost scolded for "having zero product on the brush", or "doing makeup, but not using any." Until then, I realized that a trend I thought was so beautiful , isn't necessarily "feared", yet often left ignored or thought of as "a waste of time and product." If you are one who doesn't want to look "dead" I'd suggest looking in the mirror and notice the natural color of the flush (if you have one) of your cheeks and lightly feather a blush closest to the color making sure not to create and perfect, symmetrically spotless shape to it. You can also lightly brush a few strokes of the Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent for added brightness. My favorite base for this look? Dior's Airflash Spray Foundation.

Backstage at Christian Dior Autumn - WInter 2014 RTW
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Perhaps this may be one of the most debatable trends on this list. Reason being because it's been worn out and about for quite some time now, but yet some women fear their makeup can turn from "win" to "sin." The trick? Don't put it everywhere! That simple! Bright hues of blue, purple pink, and more will look amazing this summer when used as liners and mascara. Those eyes of yours will be catching other pairs in no time!

Backstage at Altuzarra Autumn - Winter 2012 RTW
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Although graphic lines across the eyes haven't been on the runway lately, they do still make appearances here and there and boy do I get excited when they do! The direct technique of drawing geometric lines across the eye lids may only be wearable to the bolder, edgier crowd. If you don't consider yourself one of those people, try starting with the same technique of a bold line across and extended past the crease of the eye, and blend upwards only. This way, you can have the sharpness of the line but a more balanced overall shape to the eyes with the softness of the slightly blended crease.

So, what do you guys think? Would you guys go out in any of these looks now? Let me know if you would or wouldn't. Also share which other runway trend you consider a "Ooo!" or a "Boo!"

-Jorge G. Alvarez

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