Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I am Jorge Alvarez, a fashion student hailing from the San Francisco Bay area. The arts, beyond Fashion, have always been one of my very big interests. I recently came to notice that designing and presenting collections wasn't enough to get my foot in the door, I had to reach my thoughts out to others and try to make connections! My passions lye way beyond just cutting and sewing a garment, they extend to beauty, exploring culture, as well as just having a damn good times with friends! This blog represents just that.

Le Creature Chic first got it's name when I was trying to piece together things that were important to me and put them all into one title. Creature is often a word we wouldn't call a human without it having a bad connotation, yet I've always found the word enticing. Creature to me is someone strong, and aggressive with emotion. Both these characteristics are something found in a lot of personalities in the fashion industry. I also find changing something with a bad connotation or something viewed as not pretty into a work that people will admire really rewarding and special. Chic, a word that makes women and men alike blush when described as. I wanted this space to be one where everyone can feel a part of a world whee they may think they don't belong. i find that everyone's opinion whether it be good, bad, nonsense,sad,silly, or intellectual, it has some value and a lesson to teach.

My hope has always been to leave San Francisco and head to Paris where I can apprentice at the big, legendary couture houses while also working on starting my own house. Although Haute Couture and the idea of Paris being the "epicenter of the fashion world" has died down within the last couple of years, its still means ambition, passion, and grandeur to me. Paris has been a target for me not only because of the fashion, but because of the grandness and elegance of the French and Parisian culture, hence the title of this blog being in French!

As I stated before this blog was meant to be your newest stylish best friend! On here you will find anything from style guides to the newest hot track, product reviews to giveaways, OOTD's to the newest restaurant in town! Please check in for the newest post and exciting news!

- Jorge G. Alvarez 





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